Endermologie and Lipomassage in-depth

Endermologie is a patented technique by LPG Systems. Their machines perform mechanotransduction – the mechanical stimulation of adipose tissue and fat cells.

What does this mean for you?
Despite ideal personal health practices and regular physical activity, the process of storing fat tends to increase over time. This results in the appearance of excess fat and cellulite. Endermologie targets specific problem areas to resculpt your body into a slimmer, toned shape.

What can you expect?
Your treatments will be relaxing and enjoyable. After the first session, you will feel rejuvenated. After the recommended number of sessions, you will see the difference.

And because, at The Manchester Clinic MedSpa (Changing soon to The Private Clinic) we have the very latest models (the Cellu M6 Endermolab), you can be sure of a totally pain-free experience.

  • Fights diet resistant fats
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Resculpts the figure
  • 100% natural, non-invasive treatment
  • Totally pain free

Does Endermologie® really work?
Yes it does! Endermologie is the first FDA approved treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It fights execise and diet resistant fats and has 85 scientific studies to prove it.

Lipomassage is endorsed by Gunnar Peterson – Personal Trainer to many A-list celebrities – and reportedly used by celebrities and supermodels such as Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, Caprice and Colleen Rooney.

If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to call. This could be the first step to your new, improved body.

Developed in France over 20 years ago and popular with women worldwide, endermologie is a proven and safe treatment for cellulite, established through stringent clinical trials and research, and recognized by international health bodies such as FDA and TGA.

ENDERMOLOGIE is the science of cellular stimulation developed by LPG and proven by more than 85 scientific studies. Through its principle of MECHANO-STIMULATION the skin’s surface is stimulated to generate deep biological responses that are painless and non-invasive.

Since cellulite is resistant to diet, exercise, and even liposuction, this non-surgical, painless, effective process is truly the best treatment for reshaping and contouring the most difficult areas of your body. In addition, since the technology was borne from the realm of Physiotherapy and sports medicine; we can treat sport and muscular injuries, as well as provide lymphatic drainage and pre and post Liposuction treatments.

Endermologie is a non surgical procedure and is the first cellulite treatment to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Proven by many scientific studies, Endermologie is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG. It re-activates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin (mechano-stimulation) which is painless and non-invasive.

Not only does Endermologie help improve the appearance of cellulite, but it can also improve circulation, relieve minor muscular aches, improve skin tone and skin radiance. We are huge fans of LPG at the Manchester Clinic MedSpa (Changing soon to The Private Clinic), and their technology forms the backbone of our treatments.

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