Liposuction, Liposculpture and fat transfer by brazilian plastic surgeon

Liposuction, also known as liposculpture or just ‘lipo’, is suction assisted, surgical removal of fat from various target areas such as the neck, upper arms, chin, abdomen and hips to improve your appearance and help you wear the clothes you want to without worrying about lumps and bumps.

Is Liposuction right for you?

Liposuction is a very common cosmetic procedure – it is the number one procedure carried out in the United States. Dr Ricardo Ferla can use it on most parts of your body to remove unwanted areas of fat.

Liposuction is designed to improve your body contour. You should note that it is not designed for weight loss. Liposuction permanently removes and re-contours the body fat from areas of the body to reshape and restore a more aesthetic balance. Often these areas are hereditary.

Areas where liposuction is commonly performed include the thighs, hips, abdomen and back. Sometimes liposuction is performed in the neck and in the arms.

Dr Ricardo Ferla sometimes uses liposuction along with other surgery to remove excess fat, for example, with mini-abdominoplasty (mini-tummy tuck) or arm lift and thigh lift.

The important thing is that the skin has enough elasticity to contract after the fat is removed. If it does not, then further surgical intervention such as a Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy Tuck’ may be required  as well.

Preparation and things to consider before Liposuction/Fat removal?

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding
Fat Transfer

Often the procedure will involve transferring some of the fat remove from one area, into another to achieve a balanced aesthetic result. One such example is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

What Happens During Surgery?

You will be given a general anaesthetic and then the Dr Ferla will make some small incisions to the target areas and insert a cannula through them. The cannula is attached to a vacuum device that is then moved up and down to break up fat cells and suction them out of the body. Liposuction can also be performed with the aid of internal ultrasound, where a cannula that can emit ultrasound is placed into the incisions. The ultrasound waves then liquefy fat cells, making suctioning easier.

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After your operation you will feel sore but will be provided with pain relief. Your incisions will be supported by bandages or a support corset to help reduce bruising and swelling. You may also be given antibiotics to prevent infection. You will have quite substantial bruising, depending on the amount of liposuction you had. Deep bruising can take up to six months to heal completely, although you will feel better after two weeks and well enough to attend work after a few days.

A course of Lipomassage such as LPG Endermologie is important for draining of fluid and to accelerate the healing process; making sure the fat settles in a smooth manner and to avoid any lumps or bumps.

You should avoid strenuous activities like contact sports for the first month after your procedure.

You will have a follow up appointment and any stitches you had will be removed and your incisions checked to see that they are healing correctly. You will be given the opportunity to discuss any issues or worries you may have as customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Final Result

After the bruising has gone you will see the final result. You will look slimmer and more toned in the right places – able to get into those summer clothes without showing unsightly  love handles or fat rolls. Once fat has been removed via Liposuction, it will never come back, but that doesn’t mean one cannot put weight on – but if one continues to live a healthy and active life, the effects of Liposuction will be permanent.

Cost of Liposuction or Liposculpture Surgery in Dubai

Every case is different, just as every person is different, therefore it is very difficult to provide a set price for Plastic Surgery Procedures. There are many different factors involved; a patients age and level of skin damage or laxity, health levels, and medical history, whether or not implants or prosthesis will need to be used, and if the procedure needs to be completed under general anaesthetic in a hospital or not. As such, a full and complete quote will be provided to the patient after a detailed consultation in the clinic.

What is important, and what our patients appreciate, is the close personal care and attention that Dr Ricardo and his team provide as part of the service. We are happy to provide references that will attest to the long lasting relationships that Dr Ferla has with his many happy and satisfied patients.

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