The Advantage Of Facial Fillers

More than a decade into the anti-aging race and fillers are tied with Botox for the most popular non-surgical treatment.  On, most people report an 85-92% satisfaction rating for their filler treatment.  Our patients agree:  choose filler for instant results that WOW! Our Plastic Surgeons use the best products on the market and what is right for your skin: Juvederm, Teosyal, Belotero etc. In concert with only the best quality Botox in Dubai from Allergan, our injectable treatments erase wrinkles, smooth lines and help you look younger.

“Erase wrinkles, smooth lines and help you look younger.”

Here’s What Filler Can Do For You:

  • Enhance the fullness and shape of your lips
  • Reduce or remove lines, creases and wrinkles
  • Volumize sagging cheeks
  • Restore loss of volume to the temple area and back of hands
  • Rejuvenate the area under your eyes (tear troughs)
  • Improve the appearance of acne scars

Microdermabrasionskin tightening and facial peels, whether used individually or combined, can produce a fresher, younger, rejuvenated appearance when used along with Botox and Fillers. To find out which procedure works best for your skin, you can talk to a patient coordinator  at our Filler clinic who can arrange a consultation with a surgeon who can sit down with you and discuss the results that you expect from your treatment.

Lets Talk about Luscious Lips

 Fuller lips

Our mouth is one of our main features. We are naturally drawn to watching people’s mouths when they talk. A beautifully shaped mouth and full lips give a face a youthful and sensual look. However, not everyone has full lips and a pretty mouth naturally. And those blessed with plump lips and a well-defined mouth may lose volume and definition due to the natural ageing process.

The treatment

Would you like a radiant new smile with naturally fuller lips? The Private Clinic | Medical & Aesthetic Centre can help. With the use of fillers our expert plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Dubai can make your lips and mouth plumper and more attractive, while keeping you looking natural. Contour and volume is subtly restored; your lips regain their former shape and fullness. Thin lips exist naturally too, of course. The fullness of a lip is genetic. But even naturally thin lips can be made to look fuller. In addition it is possible to correct asymmetrical lips. The results will be naturally youthful and full lips that match the rest of your features. Everyone’s mouth is different, so the expected results are different for everyone too. You’ll be able to discuss all your wishes and expectations with one of our expert physicians during your initial consultation.

More beautiful, fuller lips

Hyaluronic acid treatment gives you fuller lips. It can also be used to combat lines around the mouth. This treatment is painless and extremely safe. Before treatment the area is anaesthetised if necessary.

Lip augmentation with natural results

The results last approximately nine to twelve months. To create prettier, fuller lips, results should be natural and match your face. Our treatment provides your lips with natural fullness and balanced volume. Your lips will remain looking natural while being just a little fuller.

Filling the lips

Our lip filler treatment is based on injectables consisting of substances that occur naturally in the body. This reduces the risk for allergic reactions. The results are noticeable immediately after treatment. For the fist three to four days after treatment there may be some light swelling.

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Common questions about Filler Injections in Dubai

Where are fillers used?

Common areas of filler application include the nasolabial folds (the grooves between the upper lip and mouth and the cheek), the deep folds around the corner of the mouth and chin, brow frown lines as well as acne scars and other deep scars. Filler may also be used in the lips to give them a fuller appearance and to smooth the fine lines in the lip area.

How long do fillers last?

Fillers are gradually broken down and absorbed by the body over 6-24 months. How long filler lasts also depends on its location of placement. For example, filler placed in the lips typically lasts a shorter duration due to the dynamic nature of the lips. Reapplication of filler prior to complete dissipation of the product has been shown to enhance the lasting effect.

Who is a candidate for filler?

Many patients stand to benefit from the use of fillers. Individuals who have wrinkles, lines and aging skin are great candidates.

What is involved in a filler appointment?

Filler injection is a relatively simple, non-surgical technique using an ultra-fine needle. The fillers used at The Private Clinic Medical & Aesthetic Centre in Dubai can be injected on the same day as your consultation. The area to be improved is cleaned after which topical or local anesthetic may be applied. An ultra-fine needle is then used to inject the filler in a precise fashion. Ice packs or cool compresses may be used to reduce discomfort and swelling.

What are the side effects of filler injection?

Temporary swelling and redness at the injection site are the most common side effects after the treatment. Bruising is less frequent. These side effects can be minimized by closely following instructions and by using cooling compresses as directed. Important social events should not be planned for several days immediately after injection due to the possibility of bruising.

What are some alternative treatments?

Skin resurfacing with laser, dermabrasion, chemical peel or Radiofrequency treatments may help decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles and depressions. Deep wrinkles of the face may be improved by anti-aging face procedures such as facelift or forehead lift. Depressed scars may be surgically excised.


“Be as fabulous as you want.  Schedule your consultation and we’ll help you reach your goals.”

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