Q&A: Dr Ferla answers your questions about plastic surgery…

We often receive questions for our esteemed, Triple Board certified, Brazilian Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Ricardo Ferla, about everything from Butt Lifts to surgery costs, so we thought we’d put a few of his answers here! 

What are the latest trends you are seeing in terms of plastic surgery?

Some things will remain constant,  procedures like Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasy – but there is definitely a rise in body shaping procedures and Liposuction. Particularly, Buttock Augmentation – known as the Brazilian Butt Lift – where we remove fat via liposuction and reintroduce it to the buttocks to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape for the patient. Also, we are seeing a rise in body lifting procedures due to weight loss; people are becoming more educated about diet and exercise (and the gastric bypass or lap-band surgery is definitely a contributor) and the resulting rapid loss of fat leads to large amounts of excess skin that droops and hangs down from the body which will never shrink enough, and needs removing by a skilled plastic surgeon.

I have heard there has been a significant increase in Brazilian Butt Lifts? 

Brazilian Butt Lifts in our clinic have almost matched the popularity of Breast Augmentation at this point. Of course, Butt Lifts are our specialty, so people come to us for them, but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the amount of Butt Lift procedures increased by 28% last year overall.

What are the main reasons when people come in and tell you they want a Butt Lift – is it the ‘in’ thing? 

We do surgeries because people are unhappy with their body shape. If someone comes to us because they want to look like a celebrity or want to fit in with trends, we would most likely politely decline our services. Our goal is to help the client make changes in a positive way, not to pander to short lived trends. Media obviously has a strong hand in what people find attractive – but the body shape that the Butt Lift creates has always been an aesthetic ideal – just look at art through the ages, a slim waist and full behind is a common theme, it’s just been popularised by the celebrity culture we are in right now.

What is the average age of a patient for a Butt Lift?

Generally it is young to mid-aged women who are making an effort already to gain the body they want through healthy lifestyle and exercise.

How much does a Butt Lift cost?

Every case is individual, and we tailor each surgery to an individual, but a standard Butt Lift will start at around AED 45,000.

What other procedures are becoming more popular among Dubai residents and why?

Again, the Butt Lifts are very popular – plus Tummy Tucks to help women regain their flat stomachs after they have finished having children, or to remove excess skin after losing a large amount of weight.

Do you get people looking to change their look for special occasions?

Not really, plastic surgery is a commitment, not a quick fix to shape up for an event. However, non invasive procedures such as Botox and Fillers are popular in these circumstances.

What are the most dramatic surgeries you have done?

The most dramatic cases are the removal of loose skin – we have had clients that have lost 80kg and need large sections of skin from the abdomen, arms, legs, and back lifting – some of those individually can weigh a few kilos.

I have heard about people opting for plastic surgeries through unlicensed or unprofessional people for a low cost? 

The important thing here is checking the credentials – a surgeon should be a member of the main associations to show he or she is of the right standards. Actually going to the websites of the ASPS or the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons etc and checking the names of the doctors is the best place to start.

Have you treated cases of plastic surgery gone wrong from patients who went down the wrong channels? 

Yes, it is a sad fact that there are people who for different reasons choose dangerous and unlicensed procedures – often in private residences or from shady characters that move around. We have seen cases where industrial silicon has been injected into people, it is horrific because it infiltrates around the fat and muscle making it impossible to remove and becomes hard like glue. Most cases like this there is nothing that can be done for the patient, so education on what is safe and how to pick a qualified surgeon is very important.

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