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Iro Smith Permanent Makeup at The Private Clinic JumeirahWe are Happy to announce the collaboration of The Private Clinic and Mrs Iro Smith; a certified, professional esthetician, make-up artist and permanent make-up artist with studies in Greece, Paris, the Far East and USA.

She is a member of CIDESCO and internationally known for her presentations in many conferences and exhibitions around the world. Mrs Smith has been practising the art of permanent make-up since 1990 and also in co-operation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons she provides her expert solutions for cosmetic applications and medical corrections.


Mrs Iro Smith has touched the lives of at least 7500 satisfied clients with before and after pictures to prove it, and hundreds of written testimonials thanking her for the improvement of their wellbeing.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Make-up… (also known as micropigmentation), is the micro-implantation of pigment / color into the skin (epidermis) of eyebrows, eyelines, liplines, etc. The technique for applying permanent make-up has been medically developed and specifically designed for a safe and permanent application. It is ideal for everybody, especially for swimmers, those who are active in sports and people who have allergies to conventional make-up. It is beneficial to those who have poor eyesight or are physically incapable of applying make up. Permanent Make-up looks natural, never smudges and most importantly saves time everyday.

Common Applications

Eyebrows: This defines and shapes the eyebrows. The colour will appear darker in the first week and will fade into a permanent colour once the crust falls off.

Eyeliner: This is ideal for people who are allergic to cosmetics on the eyelids. It frames and accentuates the eyes with the implantation of colour at the base line of lashes, upper or lower. Say goodbye to smudging eyeliner the permanent way.

Skin Imperfections: Such as freckles, scars, birth marks or burn marks can be camouflaged with the application of skin tone colour technique which is able to cover up any irritating marks or even other tattoos!

Areola Restoration: Pigmenting the problem area is the best solution for those with breast problems or those that have had breast reconstruction. This produces amazing results.

Lip Lines: The natural lines of the lips are accented to highlight the natural lines of your lips. This method can also correct and create a new shape for lips.

Full-Lip Lipstick: Colour can be applied to the lips for a permanent lipstick effect that never bleeds.

Correcting Old Makeup Tattoos: many people have faded or botched jobs of permanent makeup, but the good news is that most cases are easily correctable! We tatto over the old pigment with skin tone coloured ink, which results in the old tattoo disappearing, and even lets us go over the area again.

Iro Smith is available for appointments from May 2015 at the Private Clinic | Medical & Aesthetic Centre.


Please call us on 04 3956400 to book, or use our contact form.

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