How frequently should you get LPG Endermologie / Endermolift Treatments?

LPG Endermologie Dubai at the Manchester Clinic MedSpa (Changing soon to The Private Clinic)

We get asked a lot why one should have regular LPG treatments, and how often is best for maximum results. The answer (which works on the same principal for Liftmassage as for Lipomassage) is to look at LPG Treatments like Gym visits: We know that the skin benefits from Endermologie on a similar basis that the body benefits from regular gym sessions.

Expanding on this comparison; to get the best results from going to the gym, one must work hard at the beginning, going at least twice a week, possibly every day even to get to an optimum level of fitness and body-fat percentages. Once targets are achieved, then one can relax the frequency and intensity to maintain results. Just doing one session in the gym will make you feel good, and will definitely have benefits, but these will be short lived. You need to regularly train your body with a cumulative series of workouts to get a lasting and visible result, and you need to maintain training to keep these results, albeit at a lesser frequency to keep the results you wanted and worked hard for in the beginning.

It’s exactly the same with LPG Endermology treatments we provide here in Dubai; whether it’s Lipomassage for Cellulite & Body Sculpting with Fat Reduction, or Endermolift Liftmassage to lift, tighten and redensify the face, we recommend a program based on broad and in depth amount of research conducted on LPG technology over the years:

Depending on the results one is looking for, we provide treatments at short intervals for the first few weeks  (2-3 times a week initially), this kick-starts the effects of the treatments, and allows you to see the benefits very quickly. Once we can see consistent results, then we switch to a maintenance program where you may only need to receive treatments once a week, or even once a month if your progress is stable!

People also ask if it’s OK to take a break during treatments, to go on holiday for example. Of course it’s OK! We must be realistic though – if you are in the middle of a program, and have reached a level of results, then having a small break in treatments won’t affect progress  in the same way that someone who regularly works out can take a couple of weeks off without losing too much progress. However if you have just started and are still in the intense period of frequent treatments, then taking a break will extend the amount of time needed to see results.

It’s important to remember that our bodies are constantly changing, aging, creating new cellulite, losing elasticity and strength, and suffering the effects of our environment and bad habits.

To revert and battle against this process, whether it’s to reduce the appearance of cellulite, re-shape the body, or lift and redensify the face for a more youthful appearance, one must keep up regular efforts to look good, keep healthy and feel great ALL the time. 

This is what LPG does for us, an ideal compliment to those of us who want to make that extra effort to looking fantastic.


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